About my paintings

I am deeply fascinated by nature's amazing colors and shapes. Both magnificent landscapes and small concise pearls of nature get stuck in my mind, which I translate into colorful natural abstractions.

My paintings often contain contrasts, as illustrated, for example, in my use of both hot and cold colors, small and large elements, energy and tranquility. The compositions generally arise in interaction between preliminary thoughts and ideas and the great opportunity of the now to follow and challenge the suddenly occurred.

I use the entire color palette and continuously explore different methods and techniques. As I mostly paint with many layers, acrylic paints are great to work with, and I'm happy to add oil crayons.

The viewer's unique interpretation of my paintings I find extremely enriching. I hope my paintings encourage people to explore the imagery, and that the perceivers want to share their thoughts about the associations that arise when they look at the paintings.

I participate in many exhibitions in my home country of Denmark as well as abroad for example the USA, France, Italy and Spain. In addition, I am permanently affiliated with some galleries for example Singulart in Paris, Almhaga Art Gallery in New York and Sweden and Jarsbo Contemporary Art in Denmark and I have my own gallery in my hometown. I´m also a member of ISCA Advisory Board. In addition, I have received a number of awards and my paintings are featured in a number of art books. Please, take a look at my CV.

You can see a selection of the paintings I have for sale (Malerier til salg). You are always welcome to contact me,for acommitment free visit in my gallery and/or for more great offers.

Colors and crops on the shown paintings may wary from the actual painting – Therefore, the paintings should be seen with your own eyes.

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The gallery´s address: Højbovangen 44, 9200 Aalborg SV (Scheelsminde) 

Please contact me via the options listed below, so we can schedule a time for your visit: 

MOBIL: 2421 8916

Homepage under “Contact me” 

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